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Wind App for the phone

As musky fishermen, we are always dealing with a ton of elements on the water.  The weather and wind are a huge part of musky fishing.  There are a bunch of apps available to download on your phone which makes it a lot better to plan your day, but on most apps the wind forecast are not that great.  I was shown an app a couple of years ago that has changed the game for me when fishing.  The app is Sailflow.  I love this app…it actually shows the most important part of any forecast, the WIND.  This app shows the gusts which is the “Real” wind forecast.   It is very easy to use and can be set to your current location or you can search any location you want.  On most apps the wind is displayed in 5-10 increments and is only given as the sustained speed.  In Sailflow the app shows an hourly breakdown of the sustained speed and gives the gusts for that hour.  This is what the wind really feels like on the water.  It also has the directions by the hours and updates on any changes.  Below is the website for Sailflow, but it can be downloaded for free in the app store or google store.  Trust me this is a must for fishing. 

Hope it helps 

Gregg Thomas

Gregg Thomas

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