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Want to know what happened to Mille Lacs Lake?

This was posted by Josh Borovsky on his facebook page.   It has a lot of great information coming from a guy who seen and watched Mille Lacs grow and fall.   I hope you take a moment to watch. 


If you are after a giant muskie, Mille Lacs grows some of the biggest fattest ones in the state. However, the population of muskies and angler catch rates are extremely low compared to what they once were. So what happened? How did it go from being one of the best muskie fisheries on earth to what has become now . . . a low odds slot machine for big fish. In this video, Josh and Nolen will explain what they think happened and back it up with some facts and data. Two other things to note . . . 1. While many of Mille Lacs top muskies guides were forced to leave the lake when the bite crashed in 2008 and beyond. Some return to the lake during prime times to guide and a few stayed and still grind out some big fish. I would never want to hurt their bookings. Those guides are your best chance at scoring a giant on this lake. But, I think they would all agree it could be so much better with increased muskie stocking. 2. The MN DNR is taking public input regarding the future management of Mille Lacs Lake (including muskie management) through April 2nd, 2021. The current muskie management plan being proposed is to stick with the status quo of the same tiny amounts of muskies being stocked every other year. You can give your input on this matter at the following link . . . (link was removed once deadline passed)

Gregg Thomas

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