Virginia fishing report by Ken Trail

MH Fishing Report


The fish just keep hitting the net! Caught a bunch of fish this past week and a few really nice ones. Full sun days once again forced us lower in the water column.

We put several fish in the boat this week twitching the 10” Boss Shad and when the bite turned a little tougher we went to the Marshall Tackle Twitch and Troll. The smaller profile of the Marshall seemed to get a couple more bites when the fish were being stingy.

Also caught some fish ripping bigger rubber, Musky Innovation shallow magnum bulldawgs were key since the fish are up shallower on the flats. I like the shallow version this time of year because of the fish’s location and the ability to be able to pause and let it hang for moment. That action seems to get those fish stubborn fish to commit.

Of course we also caught fish on the Slo-Flo glide baits!

Water temperatures are climbing with the warmer air temperatures and cloudless days. River levels are really stabilizing and should be prime for the final couple weeks before the spawn. Water temps on the James and New are low 40’s, climbing to 44-45 by afternoons. With these temps the fish are really starting to show up in spawn locations. Look for some giant fish to hit the bag in the South the next 10 days! Especially with the New moon this weekend, should be great conditions with cloudy and cooler weather! Get out there guys and gals!

If you’d like to experience the James or New river in VA give me a call!

Captain Ken Trail



Client with a beauty on a Slo Flo glide bait.

Client with his second ever musky, a 45” old warrior. By the way he caught his first musky not 45 minutes before this one…

The ol Captain with a tournament fish from the weekend. We missed too many opportunities!!!

Gregg Thomas

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