The Catch with Spencer Berman

2021 Big Fish

The 2020 and 2021 Lake St. Clair seasons were extremely tainted and difficult due to the U.S.-
Canada border closure. On August 9 th of 2021 we were finally allowed to get back across the
border. On the first three days that the border was open we saw prime conditions and were
able to hit areas that hadn’t been fished in a year and a half. On these days I was lucky enough
to have two of my best clients on board, Chris and Keith Barton. The first day we put 8 fish in
the boat up to 49.5 inches, however we knew full well that the biggest bites of the day had
gotten off. On day two I woke up and checked the radar and saw rain and wind pushing through
till 9-10 AM. I called the Barton’s and asked what they thought. We all agreed the rain wouldn’t
hurt us and we should go catch the morning window anyway. When we pulled up to the area
which the day previously had had several boats on it, we were the only ones there. Obviously
the rain was keeping everyone else away. The day before all our action came on rubber
however it was clear skies and calm. On the second day we saw rain and wind. For that reason I
chose to start out with myself and Keith throwing 9 over 10 Musky Mayhem Combo bucktails.
Within 10 casts I had the first fish, a 40 or so incher. About five minutes later we see a giant boil
and Keith says “I got em.” Right away we all saw the head of the fish and knew it was big;
however in three foot waves and rain it was hard to get any idea at all just how special this fish
was. After what seemed like an eternity (that was probably 90 seconds tops) I slipped the net
under her. The moment I did so I realized it was not just big it was HUGE. Upon putting it on the
Musky Bumper board we measured her, mouth open, to 54.5 inches making her the longest fish
landed in the Michigan Ontario Musky Club so far that year and the second longest for the
whole 2021 season.

Gregg Thomas

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