The “Catch” with Ryan Elizondo

Memorable 2021 Catch

As I look back on an incredible 2021 season there were many unforgettable catches in my boat. One of
my favorite captures was in May when the weather in the Pacific Northwest is usually very inconsistent. We
normally have a quick warm up and then we are right back into a rainy cold front. Those were the exact cards
we were dealt for an after-work session on May 24, 2021. With the cold front upon us and minimal time to get
on the water my plan was to hit one of my favorite spots for these conditions. A large point that runs almost
100 yards into the main lake and ranges from 6-10’ on top with weeds coming out to the 15’ break. My game
plan was to work this piece of structure a little deeper as it has proven itself over the years with these
conditions. The plan was to put the boat in 20-30’ working large rubber down the deeper break. On the front
side of the point I received our first bite in the back of the boat on the up rips at the end of my retrieve from a
42 incher. Having my girlfriend (Lynn) in the front of the boat with just as much passion, there is always a little
jealousy when the back of the boat catches fish. As we continue down the front side of the point, I contacted
another low to mid 40” fish. Now Lynn is beating herself up a little and even says “Maybe they don’t like me
today.” I keep her motivated as the window is still open as she’s throwing her confidence bait. As we get to
the end of the spot, I said “Alright a few more casts.” Lynn makes her next cast and within the first 5 cranks
she yells “FISH”. We didn’t get the first look at the fish until it was 10’ from the boat and I knew it was bigger
then the fish I had caught earlier. We get it in the bag and can see how hungry this fish was with the bait T
boned. After a quick measurement 45.75” and a few pictures Lynn’s attitude changed within seconds. I was in
the clear that evening and lived to fish another day. Persistence is key to this sport and you have to keep
grinding. It very satisfying creating memories like these year in and year out.

Ryan Elizondo


Gregg Thomas

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