The Catch with Chase Gibson

All the fish in my boat are memorable whether it was my fish, friends fish, or a clients fish they all are special.  The enjoyment of putting people on their first and biggest muskies is what I live for.  Although there’s one fish in particular that really sticks out.  I had a client from New Jersey that had never fished for muskies, but was an experienced fisherman.  Early into the trip he boated a nice upper 30’s fish on a medussa.  Then around 20 minutes later he raised a mid to upper 40’s fish burning a Musky Mayhem supermodel, this fish was red hot but he made a mistake in the figure eight something we have all have had happen and she got lazy.  After a few instructions on figure eighting I had him put a medussa back on.  About an hour had passed and I marked a fish on side imaging, I directed him on where to cast and then seen the fish following.  He executed a perfect figure eight and this giant fish swallows his medussa on the second turn.  After a short fight, she was in the bag! This fish was a 51.5” (first 50” I’ve guided) and was his second musky ever.  I don’t think either one of us will ever forget the sight of the medussa disappearing.


Gregg Thomas

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