9-29-21 David Paguels

“The Catch” of the Week!!! 9-29-21

This weeks “The Catch” comes to us from David Paugels.  It’s his first Tiger Musky and his first catch on a sucker…  but it’s better to let him tell the story in his own words!  

On September 18th 2021, my first Tiger Muskie was caught in Norther WI on my first experience using a sucker.  While stuck in a tree with a bucktail we noticed that our sucker bobber had disappeared without a click on the reel. As I reeled in the sucker testing the line there was a good tug and I knew we were on a good fish, after a fight for 2 minutes with the fish, it let go right at boat side as we tried to net it.. Disappointment sunk in but we kept after the fish, I continued to hold the sucker just below the boat and the fish lingered around following the bait. After a good minuet the fish struck the sucker again outside the boat and put on a very aggressive fight. As our dog jumped in the water after the muskie we were able to net the fish and get my first Tiger Muskie, measuring in at 43 inches and 22.5 inch girth.

All submissions for “The Catch” can be sent to thecatch@muskyhunter.com – your catch could be next featured!!!!  

Gregg Thomas

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