The 2021 Warren Knowles Award for the promotion of tourism, fishing, and environmental enrichment in Wisconsin goes to, drumroll please… CHERYL TRELAND!




















Cheryl’s dedication is unmatched, passion is contagious, heart is abundant, and her promotion of tourism is unapologetically in the forefront of EVERYTHING (and we mean everything) she sets out to do.

We couldn’t agree more with the Wisconsin Indianhead Country 2021 choice and we couldn’t be more PROUD!

Thank you for your LIFETIME of selfless service not just to the Hayward Lakes area but to the tourism industry writ large.

We’re fortunate to have you as our role model, partner, sister, aunt, great aunt, and area ambassador – even though sometimes we get tired trying to keep up with you. Great Grandpa and Grandma, and Grandma and Grandpa are enjoying a heavenly fish fry in celebration.

To learn about the great resort click on the link below 
Also check out the video below from Keyes Outdoors! 

Gregg Thomas

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