54 or bust

54 or bust gives underwater comparison of glide baits

By Gregg Thomas | December 9, 2021 |

This a cool video from @54orbust and one that I enjoy.  Seeing what baits that look in the water can…

Musky fishing, Eagle Lake and the hunt for 50’s

By Gregg Thomas | September 2, 2021 |

Today we are fishing world famous Eagle Lake, and we are on the hunt for 50’s! Join us as we…

54 or bust with another great video…Musky Fishing, The Hat Trick & Sticking With The Hot Baits

By Gregg Thomas | August 8, 2021 |

In today’s video we catch a hat trick of muskies on an afternoon trip. Musky fishing can bring many ups…

Guide Lines with Glenn McDonald: Video tip with 54 or Bust

By Gregg Thomas | April 20, 2021 |

Extra split ring trick for Lake X Lures Fat Bastard Create a clicking noise as the front hook hits the…

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