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Suick Lure Featured In TV News Report

The Northwoods is home to a rich history of many businesses across a wide variety of industries, that includes one company that has been making fishing lures for more than 80 years.

Steve Suick talks about his business and the musky industry.

Suick Lure Company relocated to a new facility north east of Antigo last year, from their previous shop in the industrial park. Current owner, Mike Suick intends to continue manufacturing lures for years to come to continue their rich history. 

“We manufacture and distribute a variety of musky fishing lures here starting with the Suick Musky Thriller which was started by my grandfather back in 1939,” said Mike Suick. 

Mike’s great-grandfather, Frank Suick frequently fished locally on Pelican Lake in the 1920s, showing off his catches to locals at his family bar. In the 1930s, Frank began the now four-generations-old business.

“We started out with fourteen skus or so of product and today we’ve got just over one thousand,” said Mike Suick. “Since that time, the market has exploded in both the fishermen and the people manufacturing musky lures. There’s musky lures out there for everybody to buy.”

The Suicks say the company is continuing to work towards offering a large variety of products to anglers across the country, building upon their family legacy. 

“As far as the wood goes it’s quite similar to what it was. In fact, some of the machinery we’re using was used 80 years ago,” said Steve Suick. “You don’t see too many businesses succeed for 80 years in the same family and I think that’s pretty important.”

To see the video of the story, click here.

Gregg Thomas

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