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Sneak Peak – Speaker/Presenter at the Upcoming Chicago Muskie Expo

The 2022 Muskie Expo Chicago offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops for the entire family. All events are included with your admission.

Here is a list of the scheduled speakers and presenters at the 2022 Muskie Expo Chicago. Musky Hunter Magazine is sharing some of the about me’s of the speakers just for all of you!  Take a read! 

Emceed by Tony Grant, Co-Editor, Muskie Hunter Magazine

Friday, January 7

  • 4:00 p.m. – Chris Taurisano
    • I have been fishing as far back as I can remember. Ever since the day grandpa took me to the local pond to catch bluegills and bullheads at age three, I have been completely in love with the sport! Lucky enough to come from a long line of fishermen in the family, I was always taken on trips to the lake on the weekends. That is where it all began. From that point on, I watched every fishing show I could, I read every fishing magazine I could get my hands on and I fished every local pond or lake I could ride my bike to. I constantly tried new things I saw on television or read about in the magazines and honed my skills every time out. Eventually I saved up enough money thru my allowance and mowing lawns and shoveling snow for the neighborhood folks along with some help from my family to attend Camp Fish.

      Camp Fish was a fishing school started by the famous Al Lindner and the In-Fisherman crew. I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the business for a week out of every year for 5 years in a row! It was a fantastic experience to learn and to become a much better fisherman. By 16 years old, I had my own boat and fished as often as I could. Grandpa and I traveled all over the Midwest to different lakes and rivers, learning new waters and learning how to adapt to different situations and consistently put fish in the boat. There was not a week that went by that I was not on the water fishing! Throughout my years of fishing, not only was I lucky enough to fish with my grandpa, and the guys at the In-Fisherman, but I also became friends with pro fisherman and guide Sean Bermingham at a young age. Sean took me under his wing and really helped me become an even better and more well-rounded angler.

      By my early twenties, I had a very good understanding of the sport and wanted to take my skills to the next level. Between doing well in local tournaments and getting the opportunity to fish with pro fisherman, I knew that I one day I wanted to be able to teach others what I had learned along the way. In recent years I have also had the opportunity to become friends and fish with Hall of Fame Angler, Spence Petros. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to be able to fish with the best of the best, and I would love to be able to teach you everything I have learned throughout the years.

      I believe that I still learn a little something new everyday on the water. I am humbled by this sport and feel honored to do what I love for a living.

      If you would like to book a Guided Fishing Trip, please contact me.

  • 6:00 p.m. – Chris Riebe
    • Home Town: St. Charles  IL

      Family: 30 plus years ago, I was a young boy still learning and influenced by everyday life experience, which had not yet met a Muskie. It was around this time that my father had taken the family on our annual camping trip on Lake of the Woods, as we fished all day looking for what at the time seemed to be a mythical creature my father caught his first Muskie!  It was that day that left a long lasting impression on my life and got me hooked on Muskie fishing.  Fishermen are a strange fraternity and it is my goal to pass along my experiences and knowledge of fishing to help others enjoy the outdoors and join in our sport.

      Age: 39

      Total Years Fishing: 30

      Occupation: Owner/ Operator of Deck Solutions and Seasonal fishing guide. November-February: Central and Eastern Tennessee.  March- April: Lake Kinkaid Southern Illinois


      Hobbies: Muskie fishing, hiking, mushroom hunting, camping, canoeing

      Fishing Background:

      I have been Muskie fishing for over 30 years.  I spent my childhood fishing Lake of the Woods with a family friend from Morson, Ontario by the name of Brian Major.  Brian had a major influence on my love for fishing.  Brian taught me so much about Muskies over the years which got me started in the right direction to gain the knowledge I have today.  I have spent many days fishing with and learning from some of the best Muskie fisherman in the country while competing in the PMTT and fishing with friends I have made throughout the fishing industry.

Gregg Thomas

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