Geoff Hetrick

Contributing Writer

As a native Ohioan, Geoff has been fortunate to have excellent fishing waters near his home.   He has followed his passion for fishing over the years to make it not only a hobby but also a successful part-time business.   He is the founder and general partner of the Hooker Tackle Company, manufacturers of musky crankbaits, in Westerville and operates Professional Guide Services musky charters on several Ohio inland lakes.   When not on the water, Geoff is busy writing articles for Musky Hunter and Muskie Magazines.     He’s also a senior staff member of the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association in Columbus.

Additionally, he serves on the executive committee of the Ohio Huskie Muskie Club and is a past officer of the Central Ohio Chapter, Muskies, Inc.   As an avid musky angler, he is concerned about the quality of the angling experience on busy lakes and spends time discussing these issues with state officials.     “I’m a firm believer that involvement as a user group representative is critical if we as anglers expect to have our voices heard.   Too many anglers shun the political process and as a result, the long-term viability of our sport may be in jeopardy.”   Geoff also speaks to angler groups and at sport shows during the winter months.

Geoff has been an avid fisherman ever since his grandfather introduced him to his first dozen nightcrawlers and cane pole forty years ago.   “Growing up on a reservoir in Ohio gave me the opportunity to fish nearly every day throughout the summer months.   It wasn’t long before I devoted time to learn the tactics necessary to catch the many different species of fish living in my local lake.”   Since that time, Geoff has traveled across the United States and Canada in pursuit of muskies and other species as well.

Geoff is on the pro staffs of Crestliner Boats, St. Croix Rods, Hooker
Tackle Company and Power Pro line.

You can contact Geoff at (614) 899-9313.

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