Pre-Fishing for Tournaments – What exactly is this???

Tournament participants are actively in “Pre-Fish” mode for the Ranger Boat Invitational.  The 40 teams have fished all season through the Professional Musky Tournament Trail and have earned the one of the coveted spots to compete for not only bragging rights but also a brand new boat!  But what does it mean to “Pre-Fish”  Well we have gathered some of our very own top ten tips for successful pre-fishing to help explain what these teams are doing between now and Friday, September 24, 2021 (the start of the Championship). 

Pre-Fishing can also be called Preparation!  That’s the nut!  Teams are preparing for the tournament.  But how do they prepare, well try this on for size: 

  1. Keep Open Eyes! Teams have all the technology assistance in the world to gauge depth, temperature, and other structures in the water.  But their own eye and knowledge of basic fish practices are the best tool they have.  And they didn’t pay anything for it! 
  2. Find your water conditions!  Do you like weeds?  Maybe you want deeper flatter water.  It’s all about what you know and are accustomed too.  Or maybe, you want to try something completely different and change it up completely – Pre-fishing is the time to do that! 
  3. Try not to sore-mouth too many fish – don’t over fish a spot and prevent that fish from biting when it actually counts.  But make em hungry!  
  4. Get a map!  This is simple – know your landscape and surroundings.  
  5. Trust your instincts – most tournament goers have done this a time or two and know what has worked and what hasn’t.  While each body of water is different, a fisherman’s instinct is usually spot on.  It’s that gut feeling thing or lack-their-of! 
  6. Know the weather patterns and what to expect if it were to change.  Keep a watch on that radar and know what is coming your way.  
  7. Be safe!  Always remember safety. 
  8. Put together a well thought out plan!  If there is nothing happening in a spot during tournament time what is plan b, c, or even d? 
  9. Don’t waste money!  – Fishing tournaments cost money to enter.  Take full advantage of the pre-fishing days to get familiar – its the whole package! 
  10. Have fun!  – Sure everyone wants the other team to come up empty handed but remember to enjoy the trip!  Take it all in!  

**Added note! – enter into tournaments if you can

– find one close by and give it a shot

– it’s quite exhilarating and full of surprises always!  

Gregg Thomas

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