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Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Ice Breaker Tournament results are in.

ICEBREAKER RESULTS: What a beautiful day. Started out seasonably cool but under bright skies and light wind, quickly warmed to the 70 degree range. Piedmont Lake was in all of its spring glory with great water color throughout and water temperatures in the 53 to 55 degree range. Plus there was a full moon Saturday night. A total of 63 anglers came out to test their skills and grab a nice photo with a spring giant. All that being said, muskies will be muskies. Apparently the vast majority of muskies in Piedmont were camera shy. There were a total of 14 muskies caught with the winner of the event being Bernie Klug with a 40.25″ muskie. Bernie also caught 39″ and 32″ muskies. Close behind was Rick Thorp with a nice 40″ muskie. Also catching fish were
Josh Marshall 28″, 29″
Cooper Marshall 39″
Bill Schultz 31.75″
Shane Holcomb 30″
Monty Arnold 38″ and 28″
Leo Soehnlen 30″
Camille Jones 30″
Jason Hutcheson 30″
We will be sharing more pictures from the tournament throughout the week. For more information results from the tournament please visit our website at www.ohmci.org. Thanks all for who came out!

Gregg Thomas

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