Northern Wisconsin Musky Report with Steve Heiting

A variety of weather fronts and an overall cool-down have resulted in lowering water temperatures in northern Wisconsin lakes. Water temperatures right now are in the high 60s to low 70s across the region. Some big fish are moving with the full moon this week.

Muskies are everywhere, but feeding windows have been a little short-lived with the unstable weather. You’ll find fish holding in thick weed patches, off breaklines and suspended in open water near schools of baitfish.

During the past week my boat has had action on Mepps Musky Marabous and Double Musky Flashabous bulged over thick weed patches, with the best colors being gold/yellow for the marabous in dark water, and black/black with the Flashabous in clearer water. We’ve had action in the thick weeds with Baby ShallowRaiders and Suicks, and have gone to Bobbie Baits in especially-thick weeds because of their additional buoyancy.

Topwater action is happening now on lures ranging from Dr. Evils and TopRaiders up to Cannonball Juniors. Evenings have been best but topwaters have also worked during the day under heavy cloud cover.

For suspended fish, watch for large, balled-up schools of ciscoes on your electronics before fishing. Right now you’ll often see schools of them feeding on the surface. Swimmin’ Dawgs and Whale Tails have produced muskies, with a distinct “bite” occurring at dark. If your electronics show the ciscoes are scattered or deep, it’s best to skip the suspended fish and instead fish shallow weeds or structure.

— Steve Heiting,

Gregg Thomas

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