Newest Chapter of Muskies Inc. Chapter 77-Northern Maine Chapter

Hello to the Musky Fishing World from the Newest Chapter of Muskies Inc. Chapter 77!

The Northern Maine Chapter of Muskies Inc is Located in the vast Northwoods of
Maine and forms the boundary between the US and Canada. Muskies were stocked in
Lac Frontier in Quebec around 1976 and have migrated nearly all the 470 miles of river
past Fredericton, New Brunswick. Right now they are not recognized as a game fish
species in the St. John Watershed by either Maine or New Brunswick governments.
However, this provides our Chapter the unique ability to fish year around for these
magnificent fish. As it stands today, they are blamed for the collapse of a “World Class “
Brook Trout fishery in the St. John River system. This will be our biggest obstacle in
achieving Game Fish status.

A huge thanks to our neighbors to the North, we now have the ability to replicate
their groundbreaking Musky diet and cohabitation studies with native species in the St.
John River. They paved the way using stable isotopes to determine the long term diet of
Muskies and the use of radio tags to track seasonal movements. After learning about
this research project taking place, Muskies Inc Chapter 77 reached out to Dr. Sean
Landsman out of Carleton University for help. We asked for help in obtaining existing
data and studies in Musky diets with a primary focus on Brook trout and other cold
water species. An exhaustive search revealed no known documentation on Musky
interactions with Brook Trout as a non-native or native species. The tentative plan now
is to obtain grants and fund a study that replicates the University of New Brunswick
studies in lower St. John River. This data will hopefully enable our Chapter the ability to
gain Muskies Game fish status in Maine as well as establish the overall health of the

Our current fishery provides a unique experience from the far remote sections
secluded from civilization and nearly a musky on every cast; to quality fishery producing
volumes of mid 40in fish. A fish over 49 inches has yet to be reported and would be the
next state record! Maybe you could be the person to break that Magic mark!! Whether
it’s flying in and floating down stream to a pick up location, camping with the moose and
feeding world record black flies; or fishing from one of the beautiful campgrounds in the
deeper and slower parts, this fishery has what you’re looking for in your next adventure.

Gregg Thomas

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