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New River Virginia Fishing Report with Sam Scott

Fishing report Feb 22

Rivers continue to flow higher than normal and the musky fishing continues to be on fire! Much of the same tactics were used this week as the previous few reports. Rain, sleet, and snow melt are keeping our rivers running high, so we concentrate our focus on deep slack
Water eddies and fish tight to the banks.
In the last week we have have multiple high numbers days , averaging 7-8 hook ups and 5-6 fish landed. We also have been seeing great average sizes with quite a few upper 40” fish landed this week! 
As far as bait selection goes, of course ChubbyChaser BushBuster jigs have been a great producer!  Also  several fish were caught on the Hellbender Hammerhead as well as several more on the all new MuskyMobster! “Low and Slow” is has been my mantra this week, often repeatedly reminding clients to slow down. The muskies in this 36-37F cold water don’t want to put forth a ton of effort chasing down baits. On top of that this high stained green water has on average 8-12” of visibility this week. That means you need to slow down and give the fish a chance to find your bait without loosing it in the choppy mess! Whether you’re throwing big Hammerheads, or jigging with a 1oz Bushbuster, keep that bait near the bottom right in front of their faces and work it just above the “stall speed” of your bait, the point at which the tail no longer has action. Casting as tight to the banks as possible and Slow roll that thing back out to the boat! We have not been seeing a ton of follies using these tactics , they have just been eating in the retrieve , reaction strikes as soon as that bait crosses in front of their face! 
My advice fishing your favorite stretch of river is to find those few slack water eddies at the base of islands or behind the sharp turn of the river, and really spend some time in each spot. Even if you
Don’t get bit right away , keep showing them different presentations , different baits, and remember – “Low and Slow” ! 
It’s not uncommon for me to stay fishing an area like this for several hours and when the moon window hits or a bite is otherwise triggered , we can boat 3-4 fish out of one area! 
The Virginia pre spawn season has another 4-5 weeks left and then we will be changing gears in preparation for the post spawn season. If your interested in booking a trip with me for this coming fall , you can reach out to me on Social media , or send me an email at
Phone calls / text messages work too – 434.258.8142
Good luck on the water out there ! Remember – “Low and Slow” 

Gregg Thomas

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