Musky_Town_Tagline_Logo_-_1000x261_101820_27d73286-fdee-4c48-a175-9ccd0ec70361_1000x offers Monthly Musky Fly Club

Premium Musky Flies. Tied for Your Waters. Delivered Monthly. Free Shipping!*

Get your Monthly Musky Fly Club™ box delivered with premium musky fly goodness each month! 

Step 1. Choose Fly Club Membership Level (Premium, Private Stash, or Black Label)

Step 2. Select Fly Club Term (3-, 6- & 12-month memberships available. Opt out anytime.) 

Step 3. Add to cart, check out & have your dose of Musky fly stoke delivered each month! 

Engineered for Success.

*At this time, Fly Club membership is available in the US and Canada only. Canada customers, please note a monthly $3 shipping surcharge with premium level (only) fly club memberships. Canada Private Stash and Black Label fly club memberships still get free shipping!

Pictures are representative of the quality you will receive, but individual differences in color, size, etc. will exist.

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Gregg Thomas

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