muddy creek

Musky Hunter Writer and Guide Vance Kaloz helps client with a Giant!

We saw the forecast. Winds 20-30, temps sub freezing, snow accumulation. We made a decision. We were going to enjoy the inside of our houses like reasonable humans. However, when I got in from the charter that day-I was feeling too cozy in my home. Something wasn’t right, I needed closure, WE needed closure on our 2021 musky season. I got ahold of Blaine and said “brother, to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, we can’t not go!” We went. It was a multi fish day but – he got the one. The one he has been after for his lifetime. Not just a 50” class fish, but a 40 pounder.

 Blaine Davidson, Man, what a day to share on the water. You talk about selflessness/optimism, you talk about him.  This man has been after his 50”for 3 years. Since then he’s hit 49” a ton and even, selflessly, let his friends/clients reel in 50” class fish(even though I demanded he took the rod on those fish).

  That day, in the snow, up against it all, I was able to witness him catch his ,well deserved , 40LB 50”+ on a DK musky lure. You “beat the man” , Blaine! Thanks for helping me get to a dozen 50s this year out of Chautauqua Lake. So fortunate for people like Blaine, the industry needs more of them. YOU DID IT,BROTHER! LFG!!!

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Gregg Thomas

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