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Eagle Lake Monster – 55.5″

While out fishing with his father on Father’s Day 2021 (only the second day of the season), on Lake Vermillion, Treven Oulette hooked into a really big fish.  In his own words, “I hooked into this giant and I instantly knew it was a really big fish. It dove deep, but it only took about two minutes to reel in and my dad was able to net him as soon as it showed itself right at the boat. My dad actually had to keep me relaxed!”

Treven Oulette, is a 23 year old guide at Andy Meyers Lodge in Vermillion Bay, Ontario.  He says, “My dad and I were out on Father’s Day catching muskies and it was pretty slow at first. It was a really windy day so we were trying to find a spot out of the wind. We were throwing bait and talking about how much big fish are in the lake and then – it happened”.

He brought in this gorgeous 55.5” monster only on the second day of the season.  

“My dad couldn’t believe it. He was really happy and it was very memorable for us. Every time I take my dad out we either get skunked or catch small ones. We finally made the greatest memory,” he says.

“It’s the biggest fish I ever caught in my life… so far. I am super impressed with the fish that I landed. I’m speechless and couldn’t be happier.”

Last year Treven brought in a 54.5″ which is just over the legal limit.  

“When I caught the 54.5 incher last year I told everyone I wanted to catch the world record. I sure think it’s possible out here. One of these years coming up, someone is going to hook into a true giant,” he said. 

The current world record muskie caught is 60 1/4″, caught by Cal Johnson on July 24, 1949 at Lake Court Oreilles near Hayward, Wisconsin. 

Gregg Thomas

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