Keyes Outdoors showcases what the PMTT did the last time at Cass Lake

Here is a little the last time the PMTT came to Cass Lake! 

Mike Keyes and Dave Brown recap the third leg on Cass Lake, Minnesota and World Championship on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota for the Professional Musky Tournament Trail (PMTT) for 2017. www.promusky.com


Keyes Outdoors is a fast-paced, cutting edge musky fishing outdoor series and production company. We at Keyes Outdoors are extremely passionate in our pursuits of muskie fishing and we strive to produce the most exciting and unique outdoor fishing adventures seen on TV today. Our outdoor team consists of some of the most knowledgeable, hard-working, and intense individuals in the outdoor industry today. These guys truly live the outdoor lifestyle whether they fish musky, pike, trout, bass, walleye, ice-fish or hunt whitetails. They will do what it takes to teach you all about the tactics, techniques, and the hottest fishing locations that bring them success. At the same time, the adventure format of our show will entertain you. Watch as we travel around the United States, fishing the same waters you fish. WE ARE THE REAL DEAL. All of our fishing and hunting shows are filmed on public waters/land chasing big muskies and pike with lots of teeth and bad attitudes! Join us each week because you never know where we will be, but we guarantee it will be an adventure!

Gregg Thomas

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