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Handlebarz Lures introduces a new lure the “High Roller”

Hey all were so excited to finally be able to release the High Rollers.
Here is a sneak peak to their release for the Symposium this coming weekend!!
These baits are wire through with .062 SS wire these are our unweighted version 2.4oz with the same size 8 blade that we use on our D8’s and our hand tied flashabou body they have two 5/0 hooks and XH SS split rings to finish them off the bodies have two coats of epoxy.
These were designed to be used in any spot you would use a inline bait but able to use these at slower speeds and still keep them rolling high in the water column and are super easy to bulge at the surface. They are perfect for fishing over thick weed beds and along the weed edges. One of the best features is how fast the blades start up no need to pull or pause the bait they start up on the first crank which is perfect for casting into the weeds. Last year we had many of them in some of our Pro Staffers tackle boxes and they produced a lot of fish we are so stoked to have them available next week at the Musky Symposium check out the link pinned at the top of our page for it.
We will also include a video in the comments from last spring when we were developing them in that video the bait is just sitting still with only the current working the bait.
Cheers Mike and Danna

Gregg Thomas

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