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Guidelines with Glenn McDonald: Northwest Ontario

Heading into September, northwestern Ontario has seen continued mixed weather. Wind and rain has been the norm for the past couple weeks. Yet, despite this lakes are near all time low levels, making travel treacherous in some waterways. 

Water temps in most areas have remained steady in the 66-69° range. Algae bloom has been a problem in some of the area lakes. The Times Square area of Cedar Lake for example has been almost a neon green for the past couple weeks. 

I had some American friends staying at Manotak Lodge on Perrault Lake for a few weeks and was able to fish with them on a few occasions. 

The majority of the fish we encountered, and caught were related to weeds. Very few rock structures consistently held fish. 

The best baits during daylight hours were a 10/9 Dadson Blade Bait, Lubowski Vigilante spinnerbait, and Wirth Flaptail. 

As light levels changed towards evening, rubber baits such as the Mag shallow swimming dawg and Bondy Royal Orba were the ticket. We spent one evening fishing right into the darkness and were rewarded with some nice fish!

To finish off their trip, I took them to  Eagle Lake for the time. Fishing through unsettled weather, and high winds, we managed to convert on a few nice fish. 

A week earlier I was fishing with Hunter Macdonald and found some fish in a new area. On this recent trip we were able to bag one of those we located a week ago. Fishing a weed saddle, with a Lumox Scallywag, a big Eagle Lake blonde crushed the bait just behind the boat! She barrel rolled and put up a good fight right to the net! Measuring over 4’ on the Muskie Bumper we were pretty happy to start the day!

Later in the day Matt Abel caught his first Eagle Lake musky, on his lucky Dadson, a beautiful low 40’s fish! The photo is spectacular in every way with a perfectly timed rainbow framing the picture!

Hunter Macdonald and I, as I mentioned earlier, spent a few evenings on the water recently. We kept our streak of fish in the bag alive! Fishing through heavy rain Hunter bagged two on a Musky Mayhem showgirl one evening! And on the other occasion I bagged one in heavy weed cover on a Dadson and Hunter finished the evening with one on a Spanky Bait. 

As the long weekend came to a close, good buddy Craig Larson sent me a pic of a solid Eagle Lake musky he caught on a Livingston headhunter. Nice fish Craig!

The past two weeks have been a story of riding the hot baits and spending time on the water to keep on top of the patterns. 

Look for video of almost all these catches at 


Gregg Thomas

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