Guidelines with Austin Wiggerman: Fox Chain Report

Water temps have finally dipped into the mid 60s consistently and I have certainly seen moments of why we all love the cool down of fall. What weeds are left around the system are holding both muskies and baitfish. Shad schools and white bass schools are heavy right now and depending what depth those seem to be in for the day relatively determine the style of fishing (shallower blades and Topwater, deeper rubber and jerkbaits).

Bucktails and slower topwaters have put the majority of fish in my boat the last few weeks but on days where the fish are being less cooperative, a shallow rubber bait with the ease of a longer hang time or a bigger glider has been getting the job done.

Our system sure has changed a lot over the past few years and good spots are and will be good spots, but on days where the winds blowing good, checking sharper breaks associated with the basin for a relocation of bait and more pelagic style of feeding, has been a good way to pop a good one.

As the remainder of this shallow push occurs and as mentioned with the lack of weeds left in the system, other structure types beyond the obvious become important. Hard to soft bottom transitions, slight depth changes on flats, even small trenches from peoples outboards dragging across the top of high spots during shallow water times all become ambush feeding spots. Get creative on your approach and keep productive baits on and this next month of fishing should be great.

Gregg Thomas

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