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Guide Lines with Vance Kaloz: Lake Chautauqua

The Rising Chautauqua

  Once again writing this report from the water with some very understandable clients.

  Over the past week nonstop rain has caused the levees to break on Chautauqua Lake. The immense amount of rain was impressive. Days on the water I could see it rising. I could see the tributaries starting to break. So much debris came out of them causing a mud line that was filled with full trees, garbage, lawn ornaments, pool toys and pretty much anything and everything that’s hazardous for boat travel and fishing.

  That was just the beginning of it. Once the lake level started rising there was panic on the shorelines. You start to see people putting garbage cans on their docks filling them with water, weighting them down,  in hopes that they don’t break away and become another water travel and fishing hazard. The lake was up around 4 to 5 feet. I know that doesn’t seem a lot to some southerners and reservoir anglers, but around here ,on a natural body of water, it is.

  The bite hasn’t changed. If you’re willing to work for it you will be rewarded. In my
opinion, When changes like this happen on the lake, it’s inspiring. A new challenge. Can you get these fish to go now that they have more water to roam in? Can you avoid the hazards and still get it done? If you work for it- you can. Lots of fun for me and my clients. And big shout out to them for getting it done today and letting me dictate this update.

Always remember to respect the water. Can be even more dangerous during times like this.

Blessings to all and be safe,

Vance Kaloz

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