kinkaid muskie

Guide Lines with Scott Donovan with Kinkaid Lake, IL fishing report

Kinakid Lake in Southern Illinois has been putting out some big fish this spring. With current water temps ranging from 55-65 degrees, most of the Muskies have transitioned into spawn mode. The north end has the warmer water with Dunhouse, Sharp Rock and Allen Island all reaching mid 60’s by the days end. The area is still loaded with gizzard shad, but also has increased angling pressure due to the crappie and largemouth bass staging to spawn. The water treatment area has also seen an increase in anglers which has made it tough to troll the coves. Some decent fish have been caught this past weekend including Shawnee Expeditions client Lorean Breach with a beautiful 45.5” muskie from this area of the lake. Buttermilk recreation area down to the dam is in great shape as well and trolling seems to be the best pattern. Our local biologist along with IDNR staff and SIU Fisheries students have put out the trap nets today. The nets will be set until Thursday and they are located from johnson creek all the way to the dam area. We will be sure to provide updates on this years lake survey, as we know past surveys confirm a healthy Muskie population. As for baits, Rattlin Shads and .22 short ss’s have been the hot baits. Large lethargic style glide baits have been the “back up”. Don’t overlook bass size crank baits twitched erratic or small chatter baits this time of year. A classic bass jig should not be ignored as well.
Tight lines.
Scott Donovan 

Gregg Thomas

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