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Guide Lines with Ryan McMahon-Thorne Bros XL Predator Rods

Thorne Bros Extra Heavy Predator Rod

I use the full line up of the Thorne Bros Predator rods in my boat and believe without a doubt
that I’m using the best rods available in the musky world today. Rather than walk through the different
actions, I just wanted to focus on the XH rod because of its versatility and outstanding performance.

The Predators are made with SCIV graphite which is the same as the St. Croix Legend
Tournament rods. High-end graphite blanks like this are light in weight and responsive in your hand.
Even though the XH is a stout rod made to throw large baits, I like to have the sensitivity to feel that my
bait is running correctly.

The list of baits that I throw with the XH is very long but here’s a few to give you and idea… I’ll
throw large blades starting with Cowgirl junior size 9 blades and going all the way up to Super Model
sized 13’s. The rod still has the action to toss blades out there but doesn’t load up too much in the figure
I use the XH for glide baits and jerkbaits. I’ll throw all the way up to a Mega Barfighter and go down to a
small 5” phantom glide bait. The rod does it all for me when it comes to hard baits.
I throw most of my rubber on the XH. I throw Magnum Bulldawgs, Regular/Husky Medussa’s and pretty
much all swim baits on this rod.
I’ll also throw my Cannonball Jr’s on the XH. It’s a perfect rod for driving hooks on these big heavy

The rod comes as a 9’ blank but can be extended out to as long as 10’. This is the beauty of working with
a custom rod shop because I’ll have my jerkbait rods made to either 9’2” or 9’3” and then go to 10’ on
the rods that I’m throwing bucktails and swimbaits on. You can also choose from variety of handle
options, I prefer regular cork on the butt-end and then 4.5” syn-cork foregrip. I also like a nice 18” butt
end on my rods which allows you to spread your hand out when casting to get more leverage to throw
heavy baits. 18” also give me enough length to tuck in my armpit comfortably to rip baits and set the
hook hard!
The XH Thorne Bros Predator rod is the closest thing to a “do-all” rod that I’ve come across in the musky world.  If I had to choose one rod to fish with this would be it without question! 

Ryan McMahon

CALL 651-206-8767

Gregg Thomas

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