Guide Lines with Ryan McMahon-Drifter Series Predator Nets

Drifter Predator Series XXL Net

            If the perfect musky net existed it would take up zero space in your boat and then magically
grow to the size of a soccer net when there’s a giant musky trying to shake a bait at the side of your
boat. Well, the Drifter XXL Predator isn’t going to do that for you but I do feel that it’s the best musky
net I’ve ever had in my hands, and here’s why…
           The Drifter is a solid piece of equipment as I’ve only used two different nets in the past 7 or 8
seasons with zero problems with the construction of the net. Usually durability in a net comes at the
cost of added weight, it does not with the Drifter. The XXL Predator is noticeably lighter than other nets
in its size range and if you fish by yourself and want an even lighter net, you can go down to the XL.
Weight is ultra-important to me when I’m running around the boat after a fish. What’s maybe even
more important to me is that it swings through the water easier than other nets. As most people that
fish with me know, I’m not afraid to get aggressive with the net and I like to scoop! If the net is slow
moving through the water it can give the fish more time to make one more move to escape. I also like
the “T” handle on the end, I feel this makes it easier to scoop.
           The hoop on this net is super wide at the end and has a nice deep bag. The design makes for a
nice quick drop of the bag if you like to hold the bag against the handle until you scoop (like I do), so the
bag doesn’t get snagged on things around the boat as you’re running around with it. The bag is coated
and safe for the fish’s fins, this also cuts down on hooks piercing the netting and getting tangled up.
If you’re looking for a big musky net that doesn’t weigh a ton and will last for a long time, I
highly suggest the Drifter Predator Series XXL Net or the XL if you fish alone.

Gregg Thomas

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