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Guide Lines with Ryan Elizondo: Washington State Tigers

In the last few weeks we have seen multiple changes in the weather. We’ve had bluebird skies in the upper 70s and then days following it drops into the 50s with rain. Our waters temps throughout the lake are holding steady between 57-58 degrees and by the end of the day they are reaching 60 degrees. The bite has been on as the first emerging weeds are holding fish. Mixing up our tactics between casting and trolling has been very successful. The feeding windows have been small, but chaotic at the same time. We experienced just that this past weekend on Saturday getting 6 bites in a non-moon related feeding window and boated 5 of those fish in an hour. On Sunday our time was limited, so we got out during the morning minor to see if the same tactic would hold strong during a moon phase. Minutes before the peak of the minor we were rewarded with the first bite of this window, which was followed by 2 more bites for a 3 fish morning.
On the cast, gliders and a variety of different styles of rubber have been contacting fish. Friend and youth Chapter 65 member Tommy McCabe caught his new PB Tiger a 44 incher on a glider I had loaned him a couple weeks ago. The troll took a bit to turn on this year and we have had to mix in a lot of different cranks to find the bite. One day they want a loud and obnoxious bait and the next day it’s something subtle. I’m a big believer in the following the majors and minors, but remember this is a fish and they decide when they are ready to eat. Get on the water whenever you can and stay focused, as the feeding window could be when you least expect it.
Attached are a few pictures of Lynn Hotchkiss and I with some of the recent fish.

Gregg Thomas

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