Guide Lines with Pete Rich: Chippewa Flowage

Pete Rich’s Musky Guide Service 

Musky fishing in Hayward has been heating up with lots of big fish moving and some nice one’s eating. With warming water temperatures fish have been pushing into break lines and what I would consider to be mid depth structure. There is cooler weather on the way and I would expect plenty of fish to remain in the weeds as long as water temperatures don’t get too hot. Shallow water muskies have been hitting surface baits, jerk baits, and bucktails. Mid depth/break line fish have been eating big rubber, big jerk baits, and Kramer revolutions. We’ve picked up a few trolling but fish seem to want casting presentations.

This was a very special week for me in my boat. I had first time musky angler Alex, at 12 years old Alex was able to wrangle a nice 43” a couple hours into our trip. The next day I was guiding Chuck a seasoned musky angler, at 92 years old I was able to put chuck on a nice 42” with only an hour left in our trip. After the trip chucks son thanked me for getting his dad possibly his last musky. Guiding comes with a lot of ups and downs but watching the joy of someone catch their first musky and seeing the exact same joy from someone possibly catching their last is why I guide.

Gregg Thomas

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