Guide Lines with Lori Scherf: Wisconsin Report

Southern Wisconsin fishing report for end of September. The local lakes are still giving up some nice fish and multiple fish in the boat on some days. Water temperatures are still holding at 61-65 degrees yet, so we are not close to any “turnover “ as of yet, with warm weather until the first week of October yet.

Have seen a few boats soaking suckers already,and quite a few using top water baits when there were not a lot of floating weeds, but all of our fish have been seen or caught on regular bull dawgs, shallow swimming dawg and custom 8/5 stagger blade tinsel Bou Bucks. One lake wanted blades and dawgs and another only wanted rubber, so if your fishing with multiple people in the boat , everyone try a different bait until something triggers the fish.

Lastly, SHORT windows!! Follow your moon phases and fishing the majors/minors, get on those spots that you have raised fish before and hope you can find those fish on your wave points. We had a fish on 9/25 that was caught, we raised that fish 2 times the weekend before, catching it on a sunrise within 30ft of our wave point. Sometimes it’s just about having the confidence, you know the fish are there, don’t leave fish to find fish as they always say. The fish also in the last couple weeks, seem to be just eating and not following as much, which can be very monotonous, but when they are feeding they are just pounding the baits. Good luck to all and tight lines and big smiles!!!

Gregg Thomas

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