Guide Lines with Kyle Jones: Ohio Waters

Full Moon weekend was on fire here in Ohio. Fished multiple bodies of water multiple days. After finding the most unpressured body of water we set rods and began what was a weekend that will be hard to be topped.  Short line trolling in cooler water, busting through bait balls was the program. Variating speeds from 2.8 mph to 4.2mph crashing baits off the bottom and timber. The wind was a big factor where the fish were being located. When the wind switched directions the bait would go with the wind and so did the musky. Managed to put 14 fish in the boat with 4 being Ohio Huskies “42 or bigger” Natural colored Shad and minnow baits were the the hot baits. Llungen lures 22 short SS in Midwest Butcher color pattern was a hot color.
I’ve always been a firm believer in 2 things when trolling, find the bait and bang the baits off cover.  This increases your chances of success. The troll bite has been on absolute fire the last month.
Tight lines and good luck on the water to all,
Kyle Jones 

Gregg Thomas

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