Guide Lines with Jessie Baker: Northwest Ontario


       The second week of July the New Moon hit and fish went crazy up here in Northwestern
Ontario. With the early summer weather and the hot temps, fish moved quickly to their
summer spots and we spent the majority of the week on Pipestone targeting muskies on main
lake rock reeds and rocky points/shorelines with deep water access close by. All week we were
consistently moving fish all day long, even with high skies and little to no wind, fish were on the
prowl. After a few days of fishing and watching our moon phases for majors/minors, we noticed
a pattern come together. Although we were moving fish throughout the day, the bite window
seemed to take place 2 hours after the major peak. Keeping track of our patterns the first
couple of days helped us really capitalize on the bite window and ultimately lead to us putting
more fish in the boat. Water temps ranged between 73-75 degrees and we found burning
bucktails was the ticket to getting fish in the bag! Spanky double 8’s and Musky Frenzy 8/9
staggers were the top producing baits of the week in a number of colors, but mostly
something with a gold touch to it.

       In a week’s worth of fishing on my home waters of Pipestone, we ended our tally with 13
muskies caught, 2 lost, and numerous missed opportunities boat side. Biggest fish of the week
measured in at 52.5” and 49.25” One thing you’ll notice about fishing a clearwater system like
Pipestone is that a big fish boat side will likely give you one opportunity to seal the deal, going
back on fish over the last week proved to be our most difficult task as fish we’re constantly
moving on and off of structure throughout the week.

        If you’re making your way up to the area to fish a clearwater system, I’d make sure to pack a
handful of your favorite bucktails in 8’s, 9’s and even 10’s in natural colors such as: gold,
copper, & black/silver. Musky Frenzy Staggers are a great option to have in the boat. Due to
their unique vibration, I find they end up moving fish that are already accustomed to your
standard bucktails. Best producing frenzy colors on my lake are: walleye & black ice. As a cast
back bait, I always suggest people fishing Pipestone throw some sort of Rubber (Medusa or
Dawg) and have a suick near by and ready to go. Sometimes a lethargic follow will end up
locking lips with something in the pull-pause category.
Best of luck on your next hunting adventure!

Jessie Baker
@jjessiebaker on IG

Gregg Thomas

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