Guide Lines with Jason Jackson: West Virginia

Fishing has been excellent lately, we’ve had low and clear conditions and the recent rainfall last weekend has helped. Our rivers and creeks have more color than before so fish have been less spooky on the eight . In our last three outings we’ve boated 13 muskies , most have been in that 35 inch range with 3 of them being low to mid 40s . Fish have been coming either off the banks at the end of the casts or on the figure 8 boat side, surprisingly they haven’t been related to the cover and timber . Surface temps have been hovering around the 48/50 degree range .
Slow moving Big rubber continues to be our top producers with a few fish following gliders. Assault Eels have been our go to bait with 11 of our last 13 all coming to the net with Eels in their mouth. Colors have been browns / golds with white tails mostly . Work these baits with a slow pumping action or a medium straight retrieve .
With that being said we are currently getting a ton of rainfall in the last 24 hours rivers are rising and getting muddy fast , when this happens I try and fish slack water areas of the rivers looking for creek mouths where the muskies will often stack up out of the swift current. Look for spots where the water “eddys” and current breaks try casting both perpendicular and parallel to the current breaks . Also try switching it up to brighter colors and even baits that make a little noise . In these conditions we’ve caught several fish using large crankbaits like the 50 cal. from Llungen lures . Don’t let the muddy water keep you at home , some of my most productive days have been under these conditions especially for big fish , many of the normal “followers “ quickly can become “eaters” in muddy water conditions.  
Learn more about Assault Eels click HERE

Assault Eel getting attacked!



Gregg Thomas

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