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Guide Lines with Jacob Grabowski: Western Minnesota

Jacob Grabowski
On the Pond Outdoors

Like most musky fisherman across the state we have been touch and go with our water temps most of the season peaking this week at that dreaded 80 degree mark. What normally is our nemesis, wind, has been our saving grace as it has cooled the water on several occasions along with a few periods of heavy rains.

The periods of the full and new moons have produced a noticeable uptick in activity resulting in good numbers of quality fish. Most of these fish have been coming during low light periods or after dark. Focusing on 2-3 key weedbeds with topwater and big blades (12s and 13s) has been most productive. We have been better off breaking down 1 or 2 spots completely than fishing several spots over that same time period. Focus on the best cabbage regardless if it’s on the inside, outside or middle of the weedbeds

During daylight hours I’m often competing with recreational traffic. This is a great opportunity to speed troll blades at 4.6-5.1 mph on a short line over weedbeds.  Heavy spinnerbaits like blue water baits “weed whacker” is designed for this game and the fish have no problem eating with 20 feet of line or less. At times shorter is better. There is a chaos created by your boat that scatters panfish and the muskies react. Your baits need to be in the midst of that chaos.  I feel a spinnerbait with its round profile is key. Dodging the jet skis and pontoons has resulted in many muskies over the years for me and should never be overlooked.



Gregg Thomas

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