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Guide Lines with Erik Lennartz: Pewaukee Lake

Musky Hunter Mag – 5/1 Report (Pewaukee Lake)
Tactical Angling Guide Service / Erik Lennartz

We fished a windy, warm southern Musky opener on my home waters,
Pewaukee Lake. We launched early and the launch was almost full. I traditionally
start my season on the east end focusing my efforts on new weed growth and
areas that hold panfish, this year was no different. I gave my clients the option to
cast or troll, and we started the day trolling a variety of shallow running
crankbaits in bright colors. My goal was to cover water during the moon minor in
the AM. Water temps ranged from 52ish on the main lake basin to 55-58 in some
of the shallow back bays and dirtier water areas.

We proceeded to troll at a decent pace varying speeds looking for reaction
strikes and quickly hooked and lost a 30”-ish fish. Shortly after a rod dumped and
my client boated a 42.5” Musky (his first) roughly 20 minutes after the moon
minor. The fish seemed to be keying in on new cabbage growth. If you have
Humminbird MEGA side imaging, lower your frequency and widen your search
area, this will allow you to scan for good clumps and pockets of weeds. By the
early afternoon the 25-35mph WNW had moved in creating some of the larger
waves I’ve seen on Pewaukee lake, which really stirred up the shallower east
end limiting visibility.

Over the next few weeks, Spinnerbaits, Gliders, small Bucktails, and pull-baits
like the Crane or Suick will all be in play. Find warmer water and good weeds and
you’ll find the Muskies.

Best of luck!

Erik Lennartz
Licensed Guide & Angling Instructor
(262) 227-3093

Gregg Thomas

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