Guide Lines with Erik Lennartz: Okauchee Lake

Musky Hunter Mag – 5/10 Report (Okauchee Lake)
Tactical Angling Guide Service / Erik Lennartz

With the weather remaining somewhat inconsistent, followed by some frost advisories and cold
nights, I was expecting fish to be relatively negative. I fished Okauchee Lake this week, a busy
1200 acre lake just a short trek west of Pewaukee, also in the “Lake Country” area. While checking
areas for upcoming guide trips I saw several healthy fish cruising around in shallow sandy bays.
The sandy areas will warm up faster, along with the areas that receive the most sunlight
throughout the day.

I’ve noticed some good early weed growth primarily cabbage, along with plenty of panfish and bass
in these areas also providing a nice forage base. I started off by downsizing throwing a small
spinnerbait, the Llungen little deuce has always been a solid performer for me. From what I
experienced fish seemed to commit to the smaller offerings, the 38” fish I caught on this trip hit on
a long cast shortly after the bait hit the water. I recommend downsizing when the bite is predicted
to be tough, panfish like colors should do the trick.

Water temps are now finally up over the 60 degree mark in most of the shallow bays on many of
our local lakes in south-eastern Wisconsin, main lakes still in the 50’s. Fishing should only get
better as we get some consistent weather.

See you on the lake!
Erik Lennartz

Gregg Thomas

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