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Guide Lines with Chase Gibson: West Virginia fishing report!

The muddy water is clearing here at Stonewall Jackson lake in West Virginia. The weather has thrown some curve balls left and right this spring,  but fish are still hitting the bag! Everyday has been different this spring. throwing small cranks up shallow (less then 6ft) has been the ticket some days and the next trolling shallow or in the deeper bays (20ft+) has been effective. Pictured is a 34.5” casting shallow and a 42” trolling over a spawning bay recently.  Water temperatures are ranging from 46-58 and also are fluctuating up and down due to recent heat waves and also cold fronts.  Weather in West Virginia can be a real pain! We have a lot of prespawn fish but there are some that have already spawned.   Here in less than a week or two there will be some big spawned out females showing up and they will be crushing baits!

April is one of the best months to be here and it’s a very fun casting bite.  Shoot me a text or call for my open dates in April! (304-816-6607)~ Gibson Guide Service

Gregg Thomas

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