Guide Lines with Chase Gibson on West Virginia fishing.

In West Virginia we are dealing with muddy water like most in the south.  The difficulties of muddy water can be overcome by fishing slow on spots known for holding fish.  I’ve noticed boat positioning is key this time of year. I set my boat up to make casts from as many different angles as possible. When fish are shallow sometimes it’s a matter of the angle your presenting your lure to trigger a strike.

As for action we are starting to see an improvement.  In recent days we have had action from fish into the upper 40″ range.   Today a healthy 43.25” and a nice 36.5” hit the net in my boat  along with having action from 6 more fish! The bite is heating and the fish are moving up following the shad schools.   Shad style crank baits worked through spawning areas are the ticket.   The fish are starting to congregate in 5-10ft of water just depending on the weather with the water temps ranging from 47-53 degrees. The big fish are moving!


I have a couple dates open left in March! Give me a call or text (sometimes calls don’t come through while I’m on the water) for a chance at a true prespawn giant on West Virginia’s best fishery!

Gibson’s Guide Service (304)-816-6607

Gregg Thomas

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