Guide Lines with Capt. Andrew Schiera: Humminbird Solix G3N

Humminbird Solix G3N

Product review: Capt. Andrew Schiera


The past five years have brought us electronics advancements that have revolutionized the Musky industry. The most significant recent technology for my boat’s success has been Mega Side Imaging in conjunction with Humminbird’s auto-chart feature. Here’s a few things you should know about the functions and operations of the new G3N  Solix line-up.

To give you some background, I previously had a G2N Mega, which was fantastic until waypoints and routes started to utilize memory. At times the previous generation could be “Glitchy” when using auto-chart and mega power SI simultaneously. The G2N had a slower processor, which could easily be overworked causing poor resolution and chart speeds.   The new 3rd Generation Solix changes all of that.  Since rigging my new graph I have noticed the processor’s speed is instant and sharp. Even with several thousand routes and waypoints the unit continues to run like “New”.  With the G3N touch screen technology there are no more issues using touch screens in the rain!

With the new G3N MEGA the SI range has increased by aprox. 25%. Anglers can now see over 110’ off both sides with clear resolution! Is this too good to be true??  I decided to try a max load test. I split my screen into 4 quarters. 1.Mega SI, 2. Mega DI, 3. Chart, 4. 2D Chirp.  I began to run my vessel at 4mph while using Auto-Chart simultaneously. I was still able to chart and run max chart speeds for the duration of the test with unremarkable performance of all the functions.

Last but not least is the crystal clear 2D Chirp technology.  The Solix’s Chirp 2D sonar technology automatically scrolls between high and low power 2d sonar every few seconds for a more “Full” water column. It’s the best of both wide(80khz) and narrow(200khz) focus sonar for the up high and down low.

The G3N Solix can be connected directly to any Terrova compatible with I-Pilot Link via Ethernet cable to use functions like “Follow the Contour” Or connect via Ethernet connection hub.


Gregg Thomas

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