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Guide Lines with Brian Clark: North West PA

Fishing Report 4/6/21-4/12/21

Brian Clark

Gary Andreis and Lou Masco “doubled” up on a trip to a lake with some cooler water.

Captain Chaos Musky Guide Service

Musky fishing continues to be excellent here in Northwestern Pa despite surface temps in the low 60’s on our man-made reservoirs.  Every day I get more and more nervous that the fish will start spawning and I’ll lose my bite. But until the fish stop eating lures, I will be fishing.  The weather this upcoming week is cooler and will have some precipitation.  Hopefully this causes water temps to stall out and to quit rising.

Little has changed since I wrote last week’s report.  I’m still fishing adjacent to spawning grounds and am pounding lush, green weeds.  The casting bite has been great for me and my clients and we’re getting fish to eat several styles of baits.  The most common being glide baits, twitching shallow cranks, and throwing shallow rubber where the weeds allow.  The fish are (without a doubt) coming on the moon and on any weather changes.  The major key for me has been beating up my spots to a pulp!  I’m hitting my prime spots 5-6 times in a day and drifting them slowly and methodically.  Making sure each fish sees multiple lures and multiple casts from each lure.  I’m only fishing my “A-spots” and circulating through them rapidly waiting for new fish to arrive, or waiting for them to become active. 

The short-line trollers are still pounding away at the shorter males, but some larger females have been caught these last few days.  When this starts to happen, usually the spawn is quick to follow.   Again, making me nervous that any day they can start spawning and stop eating.

Here in Northwest Pa, I have access to multiple lakes and rivers that vary substantially in water color, depth and most importantly temperature.  When a body of water stops producing due to the spawn, I quickly jump over to a new one where fish spawn a week or 2 later.  So essentially, I never have to quit fishing… I just have to move.  So if you suspect your fish are busy spawning in one lake, don’t waste your time trying to get them to eat.  Do yourself a favor and move to another body of water that is deeper and colder and you’ll be back to finding feeding fish! 

Tight lines!

Brian Clark


Gregg Thomas

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