Guide Lines with Andrew Schiera: A review of Stealth Tackle

Stealth Tackle


   Stealth Fishing Tackle and Fishing Leaders have been on top of the Esox Masquin market for nearly two decades.  If you have not taken the time to look at what John B. and his crew have to offer, you have CLEARLY been missing out! Most unfamiliar anglers would assume Stealth* might make leaders that accommodate us with a few models of Musky leaders and that’s it right? That would be selling them short to say the least! They also offer a full line up of terminal tackle components, and even a few specialty items like live bait rigs, fluorocarbon lines, and some lures! If you take the time to look over the website you can even find spinner-bait arms and extras that go nicely with swim-baits and rubber applications.

   Stealth Tackle co. offers various leader materials, (ie: solid wire, fluro or titanium) lengths, and weights to fit all of our fishing needs. Rigging live bait, rip jigging heavy rubber, and even for speed trolling Oligotrophic clear water fisheries we can all use the peace of mind that comes along with Stealth Tackle’s testament to the market through tournament and guide proven results.  John B. has a great website where you can browse and order some of the truly greatest terminal tackle on the market.

by: USCG Capt. Andrew Schiera


Gregg Thomas

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