Gear in Review – Gill Winter Angler Bib & Jacket

Gill Fishing Gear was kind enough to share two of each of the items below for Gregg Thomas and another author of Musky Hunter to give a try and write this review.  Here is our opinion of these items: 

THE WINTER ANGLER BIB – $250.00 (retail)

  1. The bibs are very friendly/roomy and easy to climb in and out of.
  2. The legs of the bibs provide zippers all the way up to allow room for putting on while wearing boots – this is important for those colder conditions.
  3. The Velcro straps that go over the shoulders are easy to adjust to the pull and tightness you want which allows greater movement for casting, reeling, and pulling in that big Musky.
  4. Dual insulation kept us warm in large amounts of freezing rain, heavy snow, and very cold temperatures. 
  5. Repelled rain and snow while also remaining dry and warm inside the bibs.  



THE WINTER ANGLER JACKET = $325.00 (retail)

  1. Fits well and snug around multiple layers underneath 
  2. The zipper front is reverse of normal practice for the male wearer but takes just a moment to get accustomed to. 
  3. That zipper front covers very nicely with Velcro folding flaps that fit firmly which is great for repelling that winter weather or other precipitation, and doesn’t allow it to seep through that zipper front
  4. The zipper does go up to the face which is great when using the hood and blocking weather from your face.
  5. The hood pulls nicely over a billed cap and fits snugly without blowing around in the wind while moving from one fishing spot to another. 
  6. The dual insulation kept us both warm and dry just like the bibs from all the elements we experienced.

We all know that fishing gear can be expensive but in the case of comfort, keeping dry and warm while in harsh conditions, and ease of completing normal fishing tasks we both agree that these are a solid buy.  Gill gear is a top leader in the industry and after our trip from snowy, freezing rain, blowing wind, and very cool temperatures in Detroit Lakes, MN we were both very happy that we had good, quality gear for this trip.  Please check them out and if you buy, feel free to post a comment to this story with your own opinion(s).  Rain Suits – Winter Angler – Gill Fishing


Gregg Thomas

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