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Fish Unity: Top 10 Lakes and Rivers for Musky of Wisconsin

A fun read with some great videos from all 10 lakes…  

Musky Fishing Wisconsin: Top 10 Lakes and Rivers

Wisconsin is not only known for making great cheese but also for their great fishing. Home to over 15,000 lakes, Wisconsin holds some of the most sought-after fish in the United States, including Muskellunge (Musky). Musky can grow up to 50 inches long and weigh up to 40 pounds. The world record (which was caught in Wisconsin) weighed 65 pounds and measured 58 inches. Know wonder why so many people love to catch Musky. Out of the thousands of lakes, these are, in my opinion, the best lakes for Musky Fishing in Wisconsin.

To read/view the article and it’s videos click HERE! 

Author: Hey, my name is Sam and I am a fishing YouTuber from Wisconsin. I appreciate all kinds of fishing. Whether it be catching goliath grouper in the Keys or bass in Texas, I love it all. I am learning new things about fishing every day and I am happy to share my knowledge with you.

Gregg Thomas

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