DUBRO Fishing offers Fishing Rod Racks and Holders…who has rod storage problems

Dubro offers the Best Fishing Rod Racks and Holders in the industry!

Each Rod Rack has its unique functionality to provide fisherman the best secure rod storage for their fishing rods. All models are made of durable materials that are rust resistant and hold up under tough conditions of saltwater and freshwater fishing. They can be easily installed vertically, horizontally , even on the ceiling. These racks are very popular because they are fully adjustable and will hold spinning reels and bait casting rods and reels easily together. These fishing rod rack holders are engineered to be easily installed and securely hold your fishing poles in boats, trucks, SUV’s, houses, garages, basements, boat houses and more!

Universal Fishing Rod Racks
We offer FOUR unique custom designed models of fishing rod and reel racks to choose from, that will meet all your needs. Whether you’re looking for a rod rack that can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on the ceiling we got you covered.

Trac-A-Rod Fishing Rod Rack Series – Vertical, Horizontal, Ceiling
This is our most popular and most universal fishing rod storage rack system on the market. This rack is made out of anodized aluminum which makes it extremely durable and made to last. It can be used on boats, garages, homes, trucks, ceilings and more. It comes in two sizes, the 2 foot model which holds 6 rods and reels and the 4′ model which holds 12 rods and reels.

Trac-A-Rod Plus Fishing Rod Rack – Vertical, Horizontal, Ceiling

This anodized aluminum rod rack system is unique and utilizes end caps and couplers to allow you to connect more rod racks together allowing you to create a custom length of rod storage. Mounting holes are spaced 16 inch on center to make installing easy. This fishing rod rack holds 8 spinning or casting rods and reels. It can also be used on boats, garages, homes, trucks, ceilings and more!

The Hang-M-High Ceiling Fishing Rod Rack – Ceiling
Includes an impressive silver anodized track and super strong molded rod hangers. This Rack is super easy to install and makes hanging and storing your fishing rods very easy! This great fishing rod rack is made to be mounted on the ceiling of your garage, home, cabin, boathouse or shed and holds 8 fishing rods and reels securely.

Tournament Fishing Rod Holder – Boat mounted Vertical, Horizontal, Ceiling
This is designed for offshore fishermen and charter captains using tournament style offshore Penn type trolling reels that have harness lugs / fighting rings on top of the reel. This is the best big game fishing rod holding system for protecting your rods in rough water conditions by securely holding your rod and reels in overhead, vertical or horizontal positions. The rack is completely adjustable and spring loaded for convenient access. Fits almost any reel, wide or narrow. Comes in Gold, silver or black with white or black rod tip holder.

You can learn more about the different fishing rod racks we offer below!

Click HERE for more details! 

Gregg Thomas

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