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The Llungen Lures Chubbie breaks the current mold of streamline, deep running crankbaits. The Chubbie is a wide-body, 4” long, shallow running, wooden crankbait with a tough lexan round lip. The unique action of the Chubbie displaces more water than a bait twice its size and flat out hits like a freight train! The aggressive head shake paired with a wide belly roll creates an action and vibration muskies cannot resist! The Chubbie is perfect for casting over shallow weeds, rocks, or timber and dives up to 4′ on the cast. Hold onto that rod tight and get the camera ready for a personal best! If you plan on trolling the Chubbie, make sure you tighten up those rod holders because it pounds! The Chubbie is outfitted with 3X strong, sticky sharp 4/0 trebles and oversized split rings.

Size: 4” body (5.5” with lip), 2.2 oz
Material: Wood


Gregg Thomas

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