54 or bust

54 or bust with another great video…Musky Fishing, The Hat Trick & Sticking With The Hot Baits

In today’s video we catch a hat trick of muskies on an afternoon trip. Musky fishing can bring many ups and downs, on this trip we experience both. Dave misses a nice fish at boat side, and sadly my daughter’s fish comes unpinned at the net. But that is musky fishing, we just move one. Years ago, when we started out musky fishing, we got so upset when we missed a fish, now we just learn from it. Don’t let missed fish get you upset, keep a positive attitude on the water and good things will happen. – The first couple fish on the video actually come just as we were coming off of moonset minor. The couple I catch are really off any moon influence. However we started to get some cloud cover, and forest fire smoke was rolling in which changed the visibility. Prior to my first fish I got tagged twice and knew it was just a matter of time before the Suick got hit. – Sticking with the hot baits almost always pays off, it boosts your confidence and you fish a hot bait with more enthusiasm. Returning to a spot we started the day at, my daughter Kenzie was fishing a Lake X fat bastard when it got crushed out from the boat. It gave us a good show, but as I mentioned it got free right at the net. And, showing her good spirit, she barely gets upset! –

Gregg Thomas

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