54 or bust

1 50″ Fish or Multiple 40’s??? – 54 or Bust asks this in their new YouTube Video

A CANADIAN 50 VS MULTIPLE 40’S? A great debate, feat. Brian Skaife, Cal Ritchie, Sam Dadson and more…

This question has been asked, fought about, and friendships lost over it for years! Given the choice do you risk it all for a chance at a 50″ + fish, with no guarantees or do you take a day of catching multiple 40″+ fish?

Seems like an easy question, with an easy answer, but is it really that easy? I ask this question to:

-Brian Skaife of Angling Anarchy (youtube) https://www.youtube.com/c/AnglingAnar…

-Matt Vavroch of Matt Vavroch Fishing (youtube) https://www.youtube.com/c/MattVavroch…

-Samantha Dadson of Dadson Blade Baits Cal Ritchie of Cal Ritchie guide service ( Eagle Lake)

-Kevin Wegner of St Croix and Eagle Claw ( industry rep)

What’s your answer?

Gregg Thomas

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